Sunday, 17 February 2013

The 'C' Word

As soon as I type the word 'comfortable' I'm tempted to delete it. It just conjures up images of tracksuit bottoms and most certainly means its  doomed in the eyes of the fashion elite. What 'doomed' item am I talking about? Dungarees (overalls). Yes, that's right, the item of clothing you used to dread being sent to school in (those damn buckles and my small bladder). But, now I am a grown up who has mastered my fine motor skills and bladder I bloody love them! Not only do overalls give me a sense of achievement every time I make it to the toilet in time, they also make you look taller/slimmer. They are quite literally fashionable control pants. So, this blog post reads like an advertisement for Tena lady. 
Here's the final cherry on top of this largely bladder related fashion post and the only criticism I have with the item; pull those straps a little to high and you run the risk of running into another forbidden fashion word...'Camel toe'. I can just imagine your face grimacing at the screen as you read the dreaded word... sorry.
Enjoy the pics and try to loose the image of my camel toe (I joke, those pictures have been deleted!)
Holly x

P.s The wind was blowing up a storm hence the variety of blustered faces I am pulling. Honestly, the overall straps had been loosened by then and have no relation to the pained look on my face.

 Dungarees- River Island
Hat- The Hundreds
Jewellery-River Island 
Bracelet- Marc By Marc Jacobs 

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