Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Out Takes 2013

We are at that time of year again for resolutions and looking back, in fact, it would appear everyone is doing a spot of #tbt (throwback Tuesday). So, in true fashion blogger style I have decided to do a not so original post about my favourite outfits of 2013. But, with a slight twist I decided to add some of the 'out take' pictures, you know, the ones were your eyes are closed or you basically look a tit.
Happy New year 
Hollie x



Sunday, 22 December 2013

That time of the year


So, I think we all know what is coming, and for those who don't, where have you been? I am obviously taking about (que drum roll) Christmas, but more importantly... the Boxing Day sales!! Yeap, that's right, I am one of those people who drags their over stuffed arse out of bed early on boxing day morning to hit the sales. Throughout the Christmas season the only shopping I do is for others, which often typically means I see loads of things in shops that I want. To ease my need to self indulge I tend to start compiling a mental list of items I want to try and get in the sales. Like most sales there is no guarantee the item you had your eye on is going to be reduced, so I tend to wait until Boxing day and if the item isn't in the sale I feel less guilty about buying myself something full price especially at Christmas. I have lost count the amount of times I have been impatient and bought an item only to find a couple of days later its half price. I will always remember a pair of Christopher Kane for Topshop boots I bought for £175 which went into the sale at £25!! That sh*t stung, literally, I stood in the shop with my mouth open close to tears. 

So here are a couple of points I try to stick to when I am shopping on Boxing day. Maybe they might help you?
1. Have a look around before the sales begin and make a list of the items you like.
2. Try to stick to the list, buying stuff just because its reduced can often mean your wasting your money in the long run even if you think your saving it to begin with. 
3. Make a plan of the shops you want to hit, I often go to the shop I have seen the most items I want in first. 
4. Go early! You might hate the thought of loosing a sleep in, but trust me, to avoid the crowds and to get what you have had your eyes on you need to get there early... Sorry. 
5. Wear stuff you can get in and out of easily if you want to try stuff on. Or linking back to point one, try stuff on before the sales so you can go in and grab it. 

And that's it really. Oh, and the jumper I am wearing is an example of when sales can work. I have had it for 2 years and I still love it. Do you have any Sales tips? 
Finally, I hope whatever you are doing this holiday you have an amazing time. 
Merry Christmas from your festively named blogging friend Hollie x

Sunglasses- H&M

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Who do you think you are?

It wouldn't be a standard blog post if I didn't have a rant about something or have a view. In fact, it would probably be a very boring blog altogether if I didn't give my opinion.
So, I will begin (brace yourselves)... Who do Topshop think they are!? Obviously, I know they are a high-street clothes shop, but lately I have started to wonder if they know that any more? My rant/opinion like many of my previous posts has come as a result of a personal experience. This particular post has come after spending many hours yesterday 'screen shopping' (the internet version of window shopping) and after searching for Christmas gifts for my girlfriends I decided on the rational, two for them, one for me. Which, I think, is a perfect Christmas present ratio. After deciding on a treat in the form of a bag I started to browse Topshop's many lovely offerings until I came across bag costing... £700!? After checking I had my contact lenses in right I re-read the price again. 'Yeap' to my shock I had read it right! Yes, the bag is part of the 'Unique collection' and has been featured on the Topshop runway, but that doesn't mean its any good. Like I have said in many of my blog posts I am not naive, I recognise that fashion is a business, but since when did Topshop begin to neglect there 'bread and butter' customers and start to think they are in the same league as more established brands such as Mulberry, which has the heritage, and therefore, the credentials to charge that? I understand that Topshop employ designers, but I feel I would be more likely (if I could afford to) to buy something from a 'virgining' talent than a massive company with faceless designers. I know that is quite hypocritical of me as I do happily buy pieces from Topshop's lower price bracket, but that's the nature of highstreet fashion. I feel with £700 sorts of prices they are playing with 'the big boys', the luxury brands who have 'covertable' pieces, and again, I am not discrediting the designers who work there, more the cheek of Topshop to think they can demand that sort of money. Maybe, its the way the items are placed on the website with all the other handbags? Maybe there should be a high end page, or a separate website altogether to make the item feel more luxurious and worth the money? I also think it speaks volumes when there is a no reviews on a piece. Don't get me wrong, I love Topshop and I love the high-end feeling you  
get from some of their pieces. I also really love the aesthetics of their ad campaigns, but I feel they should remember first and foremost they are a high street store. There is nothing wrong with striving, but perhaps I would respect the expensive pieces more if they gave the designers name on each piece. I sort of feel like 'unique' is such a general and 'blah' way to describe some seriously talented people. Maybe I am letting my inner hippy out and I am trying to 'stick it to the man' as I feel Topshop are sort of sucking designers and their creativity up and spitting them out. Perhaps I am totally wrong (it wouldn't be the first time), maybe Topshop is nurturing designers and giving them a valuable platform they never would of had? Or maybe its just a business and if your shit sells you don't need a name. Does it just boil down to money? What do you think about High-street stores charging High-end prices? Finally and totally unrelated to the  post here is WIWT. 
Hollie x

Jumper- TK Maxx
Shorts- Zara
Boots- Topshop

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