About me

GUCCI, Mulberry Lily Bag, Floral Topshop dress, Asos ankle studded boots.

Name: Hollie (I do have surname and no, it's not closet unfortunately)  

Age: 27. Which is a bit too close to the big 3 0 'wahhhh why can you not buy Bernard's watch on the world wide web?' 

Current Location: Leeds, England. 

Job: Currently I work full time in surgical research. 

Blog: My blog is focused around fashion and beauty with a slight sprinkle of lifestyle. The reason I started Hollie's closet was to show that you don't have to be a total fashion victim to follow a trend or dress well and that looking good shouldn't mean that you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money or get yourself into debt! Because, lets face it, that 'stressed out debt look' doesn't work on anyone no matter how good your arm candy is! 

Hobbies: Spending a ridiculous amount of time on the internet or on social media. Blogging obvs, the good wife which is now over bbbooo hiiisssshhhh! Any suggestions guys on any box sets that I can get into while I should be working, you know, there is only so much internet window shopping you can do (Did i just say that? I take it back). No, really, any suggestions? I have recently started to take better care of my body and hitting the gym more but don't worry Im not one of those ram it down your throat types. The only before and afters you will be seeing on my blog is a picture of me before eating cake and after eating cake or pizza or hot dogs or... Oh sorry, where was I? Although, if you would like me to do a fitness post I can. 
I love to drink tea, but I have recently started moving over to the dark side... Coffee or should that be brown side? Ew no, that sounds gross! Anywayyyss... I'm still a very basic flat white kinda gal and now I feel I am rambling! If you have made it this far and you're not totally bored of me then why not check out my latest blog post here. Sorry, I know, a shameless plug. 

Enjoy and don't be afraid to get in touch. No, really, someone talk to me!  

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