Sunday, 22 December 2013

That time of the year


So, I think we all know what is coming, and for those who don't, where have you been? I am obviously taking about (que drum roll) Christmas, but more importantly... the Boxing Day sales!! Yeap, that's right, I am one of those people who drags their over stuffed arse out of bed early on boxing day morning to hit the sales. Throughout the Christmas season the only shopping I do is for others, which often typically means I see loads of things in shops that I want. To ease my need to self indulge I tend to start compiling a mental list of items I want to try and get in the sales. Like most sales there is no guarantee the item you had your eye on is going to be reduced, so I tend to wait until Boxing day and if the item isn't in the sale I feel less guilty about buying myself something full price especially at Christmas. I have lost count the amount of times I have been impatient and bought an item only to find a couple of days later its half price. I will always remember a pair of Christopher Kane for Topshop boots I bought for £175 which went into the sale at £25!! That sh*t stung, literally, I stood in the shop with my mouth open close to tears. 

So here are a couple of points I try to stick to when I am shopping on Boxing day. Maybe they might help you?
1. Have a look around before the sales begin and make a list of the items you like.
2. Try to stick to the list, buying stuff just because its reduced can often mean your wasting your money in the long run even if you think your saving it to begin with. 
3. Make a plan of the shops you want to hit, I often go to the shop I have seen the most items I want in first. 
4. Go early! You might hate the thought of loosing a sleep in, but trust me, to avoid the crowds and to get what you have had your eyes on you need to get there early... Sorry. 
5. Wear stuff you can get in and out of easily if you want to try stuff on. Or linking back to point one, try stuff on before the sales so you can go in and grab it. 

And that's it really. Oh, and the jumper I am wearing is an example of when sales can work. I have had it for 2 years and I still love it. Do you have any Sales tips? 
Finally, I hope whatever you are doing this holiday you have an amazing time. 
Merry Christmas from your festively named blogging friend Hollie x

Sunglasses- H&M


  1. Great outfit you look amazing. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    1. Thanks Jackie! Happy Holidays to you and yours also x

  2. great look, and I like the bag :)

  3. Great look! Very vintage and chic :) Your other looks are very great too!
    Let me know if you'd like us to follow each other on GFC :) :)


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