Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Night to Day

As far as I am aware, most of my girlfriends, including myself, will have at least one dress in there wardrobe that will only come out to play on an evening. In my opinion it is a shame and also quite a waste of wardrobe space. So why don’t we utilise these pieces in our wardrobe?
 Maybe it’s the way the dresses are marketed towards evening wear in shops and magazines, or maybe some people believe that if you wear an evening dress during the day its to ‘dressy.’
Don’t miss judge this blog. Some dresses you own may not be appropriate for daytime wear, but im sure you can use your common sense and work out the ball gown you own probably wont do for a trip to the market!
So, I have decided to see if it is possible to wear one of my dresses that I would class as 'evening wear', during the day and where better to start than with the LBD. This is probably one of the easiest dresses to wear during the day. Firstly, I teamed my dress with a casual oversized cream cardigan, a brown belt to break up the black and then my favourite ankle boots. I added simple accessories; such as my brown bag  and necklaces (See pics). I decided to use a lot of brown tones in this outfit as it is a casual colour.
I think the key thing to remember is; if your going to try it out, keep things simple. Try adding a simple leather jacket, that always seems to work, or even adding tights.
Honestly, I would recommend you try wearing an evening dress during the day. What do you think?
Enjoy the Pics
Holly x



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