Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chic or Lazy?

Black, the chicest or the laziest colour to wear? I love the colour black it suits everyone no matter your body shape, it is also the easiest colour to wear to most events. But, I do often find myself relying on the colour when I cannot afford to deliberate or spend time choosing an outfit. This is why you could call black a lazy colour as little or no thought is required when wearing it. Am I being to harsh on the colour? Or is it in fact, one of the only effortless colours that should indeed be praised for its simplicity? Well, I agree with both statements yes, black can be a lazy colour and often I do rely on it when I cannot be bothered to pick something fancy to wear. But, this in itself is a testament to a colour that can look so good all the time and with such little effort. Isn't effortless something most people strive for? Lets not forget you can always add texture to an outfit with different material of the same colour. This was indeed one of those days. I had little time to choose an outfit, to add texture I wore leather pants and added colour a bright splash of red to break it up.
Holly x 

Coat: Vintage
Cardigan: Vintage
T-shirt: Zara
Leather trousers: Topshop
Boots: Topshop 
Bag: Topshop



  1. Hi Hollie, what are you writing is interesting. In my opinion black often makes me sad :-( By myself I found it often difficult, to combine black because in the sum in an outfit only or with to much black the highlight lacks for me.

    I like your photos with the red jacket much more! But you´re looking cool as usual in every outfit.


    1. Hi Rena, I totally agree with your statement!! Black, can often create a sombre mood especially when dressed head to toe in it. However, I do feel the correct use of layering and textures can create a very interesting outfit. In this outfit I do agree with your comment regarding the red cardigan, as against the solid black it definitely helps you to notice details you wouldn't have for example the tartan beading or the vintage military buttons.
      Thank you for your comment, I love hearing your feedback!!
      Hollie x

  2. Hi!
    For us black is perfect. We´re a black total freaks but we think is a basic. We also think that colors you wear can affect or express your mood but, in my particular case, I don´t wear black because I´m in a bad mood or sad, in fact, as I love black so much and see myself better wearing it, it boost my confidence and feel very confortable!

    Love your rocker shirt and those amazing shoes!
    We invite you to visit our blog, may be we can follow?

  3. Followed u back

  4. Great outfit! Love your coat :)
    I think black is an interesting color when combining different materials like in your outfit.

    Thanks for your comment, I'm following you back now!


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