Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The final mystique

Is fashion involuntary making a feminist statement? Although my question is pretty redundant as fashion of course has played a massive role in women's lib throughout the centuries. From trousers and beachwear, to the non existent mini skirts of the 60's. So, with all that ground covered, it would appear that there is nothing else to 'make a statement' with! That's were we are wrong, in fact there is! One of our most treasured accessories is making a statement... the handbag. How can this be making a feminist stance you ask? With the latest trend... the perspex bag. Thanks mainly this season to Marc Jacobs and Zara. For me I feel the handbag is definitely viewed by most as mysterious and a lot of men, my boyfriend included, wouldn't dream of going in a women's bag. Old fashioned? Very much so, and that is why I am enjoying the clear bag trend. It is breaking down a gender stereotype some men seem to have about the female bag. If I am being really honest, and I hope you don't judge me, I kind of like having my tampons on display... I love how it makes men cringe (and some women). But lets face it, periods happen. Why should we be embarrassed? If anything the perspex bag is saving us the embarrassing floor scramble if it is knocked over, as everything is already out there. Heck, maybe we should even pop some condoms on display? That would really break the precious image that seems to surround a woman's bag and us women in general. We give birth, we have sex and yes we get periods, but still this seems to much for some to handle. Hence the love of the perspex bag. The main point I am trying to make is; gender stereotypes often occur due to ignorance. So by using my perspex bag I kind of feel I'm breaking down a barrier in term's of 'look its not going to bite, its a purse, a phone, some keys, lip gloss and tampons... get over it'. With all this in mind I decided to dress 'mid-gender' and mix my tomboy side with heels and a feminist rant evoking bag. 
If the above hasn't scared you off by now, what do you think to the trend? Or do you enjoy the mystery that surrounds the bag? 
Hollie x

T-shirt- Topshop
Shirts- Levis 501



  1. LOVE your outfit my dear, very stylish and cool, your bag definitely makes a fab statement! <333 Perfection!

    Gorgeous outfit dear, really love your leggings, what a bargain too! <333 Amazing post!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  2. thanks dear <3
    follow you back on GFC and bloglovin!
    wanna follow also on Lookbook and Chicismo?

  3. I know fashion has sure changed and making a statement may be harder now. I love the way you styled this look! The top is just so cool!



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