Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Other Dirty Word


Has the 'B' word become a dirty one? No, I am not talking about the B word that rhymes with itch, I am talking about blogging. It seems recently, every time I open a fashion magazine there is an article examining if the age of the blogger is over, almost like it was last seasons trend, we are now out of fashion. When I have read these articles there are some points which I do agree with. But, these are often made by street style photographers who comment on the attention seekers who dress outrageously just to be photographed outside fashion shows. Like most things the internet has played a role in the increase of people behind, and in front, of the lens. Which is great, but it does sort of contradict street style photographers argument against people who purposely peacock at fashion shows just to be photographed. Street style photographers only enforce their behaviour by photographing them and splashing it all over the internet. Perhaps one could argue; If blogging is off trend then so is street style photography? I also wondered how the photographer knew who was attention seeking? After all, the fashion show season is often a great mix of the fashion elites personal style, often months ahead of any trend. Are these people peacocking? Maybe because they work in the industry it's different?
Fashion is still a very elitist world. Which is fine, I get that, but perhaps the fashion gate keepers feel that enough 'ordinary' people have been allowed access to there fashionable world through blogging? And now, enough is enough. Maybe they feel that by discrediting bloggers opinions this will put some people off bloggers and reading blogs in general? This is rather a cunning plan after all, blogs are free to read, unlike magazines where you have to pay for their verdict on next season trends, where as all blogs are free and often showcase more accessible items. I can understand maybe why some people may feel the blogging age is over there is such a huge variety out there all varying in fashionable content and quality. That doesn't mean they should be discounted altogether, even if it has become very diluted, there are still hidden gems to be found.
You may call me a hypocrite as recently some of my looks have been featured in magazines. However, I have been blogging for nearly 4 years now and if I was after attention I think I would have given it up a long time ago. Don't read this wrong, I am really happy that my style has been featured, but I see it more as a huge compliment.
Maybe the articles are referring mainly to the high end bloggers and perhaps the opportunities will decrease. Maybe business minded blogs will be the only ones to stand the test of time? But I think there is some ignorance on behalf of the non blogging community who claim all bloggers are waiting for their big break and to make some money. Personally I have a blog because I love fashion and styling and like most people who live in the real world I have to work. However, having a blog allows me to escape my mundane 9-5 and indulge in my passion daily.
In total contrast to my article and carrying on regardless of anyone's opinion of blogging here is what I wore today.
Hollie x
Leather trousers-Zara
Boots- Topshop



  1. I have a blog because I have to write, it's reallynot a choice but a necessity.

    / Avy

    1. And thank goodness you do, because I love reading your blog. Hollie x

  2. Dearest Hollie, many thanks for your delibareted toughts! I think, that there are really some people which would like it that blogs don´t exist, because as you mentioned, blogs are free in the opposite e. g. magazines.

    Before I began to read blogs I bought tons of magazines a week, but than I discovered blogs and now I buy only a few magazines ...

    I blog with similar reasons like you: I work fulltime and I have a family and a big house - and I was looking for somewhat where I can write, what I really like, and which has to do with fashion. Of this cause I decided to start my blog and I must say my life is much more exciting now :) I´m not waiting for the great success, it´s only interesting in which direction the development of my blog will go ...

    Thank you so much, that you are blogging since such a long time because I like your blog really and as usual your outfit, too!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. I completely agree with your point, I used to buy magazines any time I visited a shop but there really are so many people with fingers on proverbial pulses, who take their own time to write blogs, 100% passion.
    I love reading blogs, discrediting bloggers seems bitter in some way...
    Just come across yours today, love!

    1. Thank you for such a great comment. I love getting feedback and even more when people agree with me :P. I hope you keep reading my blog (and agreeing with me). Do you have a link so I could check yours out? Hollie x


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