Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fashions Little Lambs


What makes a sheep? I’m not talking about the woolly kind that live on hills and ‘baa'. I mean sheep in terms of people, or to give a further description; people/persons that follow the crowd. Maybe this is just an English expression, hence the description, just in case you wondered why I turned all Wikipedia /Collins dictionary on you. The reason I ask the question is because, I wonder if I am one?
Let me explain. The other day I bought a t-shirt (pictured) that I had seen on another blogger (the man repeller) and loved it so much I felt my shallow life would be incomplete without it. But does this make me a sheep? If you asked me when I was in high school I would have said yes, the thought of someone copying my style when I was younger would fill me with dread and although my mum gave me the advice 'take it as a compliment’ I never could, as I always felt it was like someone trying to steal my identity.

As I have grown older (not wiser) I have started not to care or notice as much when a friend has the same item of clothing as me, but I draw the line at wearing it at the same time! With the increase in fashion blogs and access to the worlds street style you would think it would be inevitable that someone somewhere would have the same taste and buy something that you would want to buy, maybe I'm just making excuses because I bought a T-shirt I saw on someone else! I started wondering if I was a sheep again the other day when I was shopping and I overheard a conversation between two girls (clears throat) ‘I hate those boots, people only wear them because they ‘think’ they are cool, such sheep!’ As I looked at the boots the girls were giving there 'informed' critique on, I noticed they were a pair that I own and I wondered again, 'am I a sheep?' However (in my defence) I bought these particular boots because I liked them not because everyone else had them and to be honest when I bought them, not many other people had them. But now if I wear them, regardless of when I bought them, I look like I am following the crowd. So does this make me a sheep? 
Maybe I should stop caring so much about what others think and if I like it, wear it, or maybe I should just stop being nosey and listening to fellow shoppers conversations!   
To summarise, in my opinion, a 'fashion sheep' is someone who likes something, but doesn't have the courage to wear it until everyone else does. Mainly so they do not stand out from the crowd, which means they cannot be open to criticism. With this in mind I think that this T-shirt does the total opposite, so maybe I am not a sheep? Maybe I am just paying a fellow blogger a compliment and reinforcing that product placement works! What do you think makes a 'sheep'? 
Hollie x

Coat- Zara 


  1. Love your skirt and that tee is too funny lol

    Charlie xx

    1. Haha glad it made you chuckle. Thanks for the comment xx

  2. Looking chic cool outfit getting a kick of the top lol. Come and read my post its really cute.

  3. you're getting better and better

  4. Ah, totally agree with you dear! I'd say that a close definition to the term of "fashion sheep" is someone who doesn't have a personal style, follows trends blindly and buys stuff based on what others feel/think about a specific product. You're definitely not a sheep haha! It's only natural to like something once you see it worn on someone or simply if you stumble upon it! x

    Really love the outfit of course, the T-Shirt is awessoome and love how you styled it! Simply perfect post, always love reading them, you rock!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

    1. Phew! I was getting worried :P Thanks for your comment x x


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