Monday, 24 February 2014

Age limit + Ark Giveaway

A while ago I read an article in a magazine that ran through all age ranges of women (not men... No shock),  and listed what you should and shouldn't wear at that age. To my horror it stated that, when you hit 25, you should no longer wear mini skirts (anything above the knee). This really confused me! Surely, when you are in the 'supposed' prime of your life you should be flaunting 'what ya momma gave ya', not shying away and covering up. I think it horrified me mostly because I am 25 next and it would mean I would be throwing away at least 1/4 of my wardrobe! The article then got me thinking, if the rule applies to length does it apply to colour also? For modern journalism the whole piece felt a little victorian, quite suppressive and rather silly. I mean, if Kate Moss had stuck to this particular article what would she wear? I suppose, actually, Kate (me and 'Kate' go way back... joke) is a prime example that you can wear what the 'F' you like at any age. Okay, granted she is a muse, style icon, super model but, she still is at an age which in societies mind means she cannot wear certain items, but she still does and I think the main reason for this is her taste in fashion and confidence. Your style, taste and sometimes confidence is something that is evolving and it should really be down to how comfortable you feel, not your age. So, with that article as my motivation I decided to stick two's up to its perceived view of age acceptable attire and wore a mini skirt and a splash of colour. Do you think there is an appropriate age to wear certain items?
Hollie x
Jumper- Urban Outfitters
Skirt- Zara
Boots- Topshop
Coat- Reiss

P.s My Ark giveaway is still running so don't forget to enter.  



  1. Rubbish- you need to put your legs away it does not look classy

    1. Thank you for your anonymous comment X

    2. ew, don't listen to what the anonymous poster is saying! Wear whatever you want, at whatever age you want, just as long as you feel comfortable doing so. The concept of dressing age appropriately comes from objectifying women. You wouldn't hear anybody telling a man to cover up his legs or wear a different neckline because the way he is dressed is too "provocative".

    3. Thanks Eliza! Everyone is entitled to there opinion. I 100% agree with your comment especially about objectifying women. The main emphasis when dressing should be how it makes you feel and not feeling like you should dress a certain way because of your age. x

  2. Ah your outfit is perfect! I love your coat!

  3. I love your coat it's perfect for this season especially because it's bright for Spring but somehow has a Wintery feel to it. I love your blog...that is why I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, for the full details and rules go to this website!
    Well done on your nomination ,you deserve it!! <3



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