Thursday, 26 February 2015

High End Vs High Street

I am back again and right in time for payday, well thats if you get paid at the end of the month, obviously, and if not, well an end of the month treat is always a good excuse to shop! So I have been searching many webpages and when I say many, I mean it almost made me reassess my life. I spend far too much time on the internet! Anyway, less rambling, here are a few of my favourite items I have come across this month. Taking into account the 70's trend I decided to incorporate some flares. I must say, I have serious lust for the Shrimps coat I have featured (link below). 'Hmmm' I wonder how many of my body parts I could sell to get my hands on it. Although I could just keep all my fingers and toes and simply add the coloured collar to the ASOS jacket I have featured (link also below) and get the same effect, in fact, you get two coats for one because you don't always need to wear the collar... Oh no, I can feel it already, I am talking myself into it. Similar to last months High end v High street (link here) I have tried to create an outfit and although it is getting towards spring it still is not the warmest in good old bligthy, aka England. 
I hope you enjoy weekend. 
Hollie x   

1. Shrimps faux fur coat £474
2. ASOS Faux Fur coat £42 + River island Faux collar £17
3. Stella McCartney Flares £255
4. River Island Flares £42
5. Gucci Loafers £410
6. Russell and Bromley loafers £175 


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