Wednesday, 10 February 2016

On Wednesday I wear pink ft Topshop

Pink (the colour not the singer) isn't a colour I often call upon to wear. In fact, I would describe my relationship with the colour pink as fair weathered. As in I would like all it's tweets but never send a text to ask how it was? I wouldn't really socialize with pink (again the colour), but I don't hate it enough to hit block and remove it from my wardrobe forever. Recently however, I have been wondering if maybe I've been a bit harsh on our relationship, maybe pink has a lot to offer and it's me being 'judgy' and thinking that only little girls and Playboy bunnies wear the colour. In a bid to break the relationship cycle I decided to reach out an olive branch and purchase some pink. But where to start? Pastel pink seemed a little sickly and neon pink reminds me of either dance moms (television series) or many bad student fancy dress nights trying to emulate the eighties. In the end, I happened upon this salmon pinky delight from Topshop. Which, very nearly, didn't get bought for the simple reason that when I was trying on a pair of jeans they didn't fit (damn my fat arse) and I got so frustrated I thought 'f**k it Im not buying anything'! But unusually, the salmon pinky delight calmed me and, most importantly, fit so all was right in the world of Hollie again. 
Want to rekindle your relationship with pink? Keep it simple... Exhibit A) how I styled it today. Worried pink is well too pink for you? Does that sentence even make sense? Try a rose colour its slightly softer. For example, a rose coloured bomber would look really cool with a simple grey t-shirt. 
Hollie x

Top: Topshop
Jeans: Levis 501
Trainers: Acne
Bag: Primark



  1. I love the colour pink but don't often wear it! It's definitely not the easiest colour to pull off, but you've nailed it in this look. Such a cool ensemble!

  2. Love this!! Pink looks great on you! I'm a little bit obsessed with this colour at the moment too... Not sure why, as I've hardly ever owned any pink clothes before now!

    Sophie | DenimMondays


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