Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How to style | ft pretty polly socks AD

Socks. The wardrobe staple no one seems to write lengthy blog posts about but you can bet they can be found in everyones underwear draw. Although socks might not be the most glamorous items, worn the right way, they can add a playful twist to an outfit. I must admit, styling socks with an outfit isn't new to me but I rarely venture away from plain black. So when Pretty Polly got in touch and wondered if I would like to style a few pairs of their socks in difference styles and colours I jumped at the chance to see if I could come up with some everyday outfits.  Its really easy to stay within your comfort zone with fashion, hell, you are constantly being told to find out what suits you and stick to it, almost like you might melt if you venture to far from your regulars. But with that being said, you may never stumble across the next staple item if your not at least a little playful.
Now, onto the socks themselves. I must admit I have always opted for cheap pairs from Primark but after trying Pretty Polly I was very impressed. I did think that because the nylon is so sheer in some of the designs I picked that I would end up snagging them but they where surprisingly strong, if a pair of socks can even be that. Honestly, I only have to look at a pair of tights and they get a ladder in them. I hope you find my how to style video helpful, if you're thinking of giving it a try I would start with the simple fishnet. Okay, yes they're black but they are bold enough to change up your outfit without you getting it wrong and looking like an American cheerleader.

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