Friday, 12 August 2016

4 simple ways to make the most of a small bag ft Boohoo

4 hints and tips to get more into a small bag ft Boohoo

Simple steps to get more in your bag

The simple tips I use when packing a small bag

The simple tips I use when packing a small bag

Whats in my Boohoo bag hint and tips

Whats in my Boohoo bag hint and tips

The humble bag, the keeper of secrets, the maker of an outfit and now, an Olympic sport? No, don't worry, you haven't missed that one on the good ol' BBC! But when Boohoo got in touch and asked me to take part in 'bag diving' I was intrigued. Could it be? Finally, an Olympic sport that I could succeed in without years of sacrifice, sweat and worst of all DIETING!!! Like the great Mary Poppins (the main inspo for this sport) the object of the 'sport' is to see how many useful items I can fit into my Boohoo bag. Well, I decided to 'go big or go home' or in my case go metallic and small and show you guys the random items I deem essential in my everyday Boohoo bag and hopefully give you guys some hints and tips on how to get the most out of your bag. Now, gather round all you Jayne's and Michael's (just a little Mary Poppins reference for you) and lets see if I can pull a full blown mirror out of my bag because that would definitely help with my #bagdivingskills. 

Okay, so lets dive in (sorry that was a terrible pun) and cover the basics
1) The phone 
2) The portable charger (because heaven forbid I don't get a picture of my lunch while I'm out)
3) The Purse - I have couple of different sized purses and if the bag is small then so is the purse (common sense really). 
4) A pen - Remember, those things we used to write with? I don't know why I carry one. I think its just incase the world runs out of electricity, my phone battery dies and have no way to take notes. 

Now the tips on how to fit more into your Boohoo bag
5) Tinted Lip balm or the 'multi-tasker' as I like to call it as I also use it as a rose blush. Its compact and perfect for a 2 in 1 space saver. 
6) The tester pot. Before I buy any foundation I always get a tester and when I'm done I always try to keep the little sample case. Its the perfect size for any bag and it means there's no dreaded foundation spillage. Recycling and resourceful. Bet ya glad you kept reading now.
7) Sunglasses and case. Again, a great multi-tasker when I am wearing my sunglasses I pop my portable charger inside to save space. 
8) Last, but by no means least the second purse. No I don't have that much money. This purse carries all my 'lady essentials' and was actually a freebie I got with perfume. It is the perfect size to keep my tampons in and rather randomly a spare pair of tights. Don't ask why but its better to be prepared. Now, there are a couple of reasons I keep them in a purse 1) if you drop your bag there's no mad scramble to grab them tamps as they roll around on the floor in front of your crush and 2) If someone ever steals it thinking it's your purse jokes on them cos all they got is tampons! 

Well if I that doesn't earn a gold medal in the bag diving Olympics I don't know what will, perhaps pulling out the kitchen sink? 

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*Boohoo have gifted me some gorgeous items in exchange for this post.  


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