Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Gelato and a Gondola

As promised yesterday, here are a few of the pictures from Venice. I had the most amazing time there and I managed to practice some of my Italian, although I am a long way from being fluent. The hotel we stayed in was just next to the Rialto Bridge and our balcony provided us with some amazing views. Looking at some of these pictures all I seem to be doing is eating gelato, but I suppose when your in Italy it would be rude not to!! I love Italy and I have been going every year since I was 6! We mainly holiday on the Amalfi coast or Capri (a little island near Sorrento). This year however, I decided to try Venice and I must say although it is heavily populated by tourists and tiny (you can walk from one side to the other in a few hours), you can still find quiet back streets just minutes away from the main tourist areas. On one of the days we found ourselves in the more residential area of the island and I had the most amazing bowl of Clams and Spaghetti, finished off of course, with a gelato. While we were there we had a Gondola ride which took us away from the Grand canal and down the lesser known areas. To be honest, I was happy about this as I witnessed a few near misses down the busier canals. The Italians seem to be fearless driving their cars and scooters, and even more so on their boats.  
Enjoy the Pics
Holly x

The Grand Canal...well part of it

The view from our balcony  

Ice Cream with a Rialto background
More Ice cream (its the same one I promise).
Dress: Zara
Sandals: Barratts 
Bag: Topshop
Ice Cream: soo tasty 
 The quieter canals and a Gondola

Skeleton Top: Topshop 
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Barratts
Bag: Topshop 

My New evil Necklace (Gift)

Some Venetian Laundry :P 

Yummy Clams and Spaghetti 



  1. i seriously love your amazing style! :)
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