Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Vogue

Good afternoon all!! 
Yes, I am a fashion stereotype, I read Vogue and Elle to name a few. But after a summer spent in endless airports and hours spent people watching, I started to think does anybody actually read Vogue or is it more of fashion accessory? I have come to the conclusion… YES, some people do use the publication as a status symbol. Which, in fact, is a real shame as the calibre of writers that showcase there articles in these publications are generally overlooked for the status of carrying a vogue and ‘looking’ fashionable. I suppose you could argue that I am one of those people, as I often will flick through Vogue just to look at the pictures. But is that such a shame when the talented- photographers exhibit such amazing pictures? Is it surely not like viewing art? Here I go with my Clich√© spiel about how Fashion could be classed as a sculpture or even instalment art, but you have probably heard this a million times. For me I simply love spending a lazy Sunday afternoon drinking tea and reading through my old Vogue’s (how fashionable of me), and true to form this is what I have decided to do today. After all isn't that what Sundays should be all about? Reading, drinking tea and eating good food.
How are you spending your Sunday? Do you think people carry Vogues as a status symbol?
Holly x

Just a few of my Vogues  

My Hungry Caterpillar cup (my favourite book as a child).

 Brunch :)

A Sunday scene Vogues, Tea and Blogging. 


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