Monday, 15 October 2012

Draws of Narnia

My drawers (not my knickers) are a bit like Narnia, in the way that they seem to be endless, and then, at the end of it you get a pleasant surprise! Although there are a few fashion faux pas, ice queen moments in there. Stick with me I'm getting to the point... 
While cringing at my faux pas I came across this T-shirt. I bought it from a Katy B show I saw earlier this year. It isn't my normal choice of music but I had a really good time. Especially since Ms Dynamite was supporting, and yeap she sang 'Ms Dynamiteeee' (High pitched voice). Any English person must know what I'm talking about!? So the basic gist of this blog is; I was cleaning my drawers out and I found this T-shirt, which I forgot I had and I wore it. Finally, I especially like this T-shirt as I think Katy B looks quite ethereal, almost like the virgin Madonna (not the singer I don't think she has been anything 'virgin' like for years!)
Enjoy the pics
Holly x
                                        Skirt: Urban Outfitters
T-shirt: Katy B Tour
Varsity Jacket: Topman



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