Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The borrowers


Before I begin my ramble I should point out that even though this post is related to clothes it is not related to the outfit above. Although the outfit is 'WIWT' I couldn't think of anything witty to write about it and since sometimes writing 'OOTD' is fine, I feel you, the reader, deserve a little bit more after putting up with my sulky face. Although now I have mentioned it you might not even find my writing entertaining and you are now at an even bigger loss... I apologise a 1000 times. 

So, if your onto the second paragraph you have read the disclaimer above and you are buckled in. I will begin with my point... If you read my blog regularly you will have realised a lot of posts come from day to day conversations I have with friends, or strangers to that affect, and this subject pretty much stems from the same source. I am the eldest of two sisters and until I went to university my wardrobe, much to my surprise, was apparently 'their' wardrobe. By this I mean; I would come across my favourite Jumper in the laundry basket with no knowledge of me wearing it. According to my youngest sister I must have been 'sleep styling'. Which we both knew wasn't true, as nothing can wake me, literally... I could sleep on a washing line. 

As a result, when I finally moved out and into a house with my university friends I was thrilled to find no one was 'borrowing' my clothes and I did not have to hide my favourite pieces any more. This was great for 3 years and surprise, surprise my so called 'sleep styling' condition never re-occurred. 

After living independently for 3 years I decided to move into a shared house with some friends from Uni while they finished there masters and I went out to the real world and got a job. And blissfully my clothes and I lived in harmony (I think it helps that I lived with guys), until one day a friend made a passing comment which filled me with dread... 'If I cannot find anything to wear I will just borrow something of yours' we haven't spoken since (I joke). 
I don't know whether its me or the fact that I have worked hard to build my wardrobe/collection (I feel 'collection' justifies the amount spent). But when it comes to my clothes I really DON'T share. I'm not joking I had a t-shirt made when I moved into the shared house so any girlfriends would get the subtle message. For me I think that's the line of friendship, some people may think I am sad and shallow and to extent I am. But they are my possesions and I don't like the idea that someone would think they can just walk in and play dress up with my clothes. There's also the whole messy politics that are attached. The friend I was talking to about this subject was telling me a story of how a very expensive piece of clothing was ruined by the usual culprit... red wine, and the girl who had borrowed the item did not even offer to replace or pay for dry cleaning!? Maybe its a manners thing? Or maybe, just don't borrow peoples clothes? On the odd occasion I have lent a girlfriend an item of clothing I instantly regretted it, knowing that, not only might you never see your favourite sequin charity shop find again, but you also might loose a friend over it. 

On the other hand the word 'no' is something I struggle to say and so I find myself doing the polite dance of 'erm I'm not sure. Erm I think I'm going to wear it' (I wasn't) and end up changing my outfit so they couldn't lend it. Maybe I should grow a pair and just say NO!! To be honest I am lucky enough now to have friends that feel the same about the whole wardrobe sharing/borrowing situation, so it has never been a problem. 

Like most things in life they often can be linked back to experiences you had as a child. So after years of unwillingly sharing my clothes who can blame me if I am a bit touchy now? 

What do you think? Do you share your clothes or do you ask to borrow clothes? 

Shorts- H&M
Vest- H&M
Boots- Kurt Geiger


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