Saturday, 13 July 2013

The red and white light

Yeap, that's right I have been at it again. I couldn't help myself I was literally like a moth to a flame, or more correctly; a girl to a bright red sale sign. The shop in question is of course Zara (it always seems to be), they really do have the best sales. The worse thing is, I recently moved into a new apartment (hence my blogging silence), and I am 'meant' to be saving. Even typing the word saving makes me feel sick. I don't think I have a problem but isn't that what everyone says who really DOES have a problem? Although, I am not alone, I know that because myself and a friend have spent the last two years sending each other emails and links to sale sites. Genuinely, I think every time I see her we discuss our latest sale purchases with pride. Although she is one of those friends who makes you feel sick with the amazing discounted ACNE jacket she found in Selfridges or the more recently purchased Pea coat you had your eye on in American apparel... Some people seem to have been blessed by the Sale gods. Or maybe I should be more selective with my sale information emailing (hmmm... Idea)? 
So back on topic. After a week of heavy lifting/delegating, I decided I should treat myself to something new. Sort of a new home present to myself, but not for the my new home. So here are the results; new apartment, new clothes and a new location to shoot in. Its almost like new years only I seem to have taken a step backwards as one of my goals was to save this year... oh well. 
Enjoy your weekend
Hollie x

Top-Charity Shop
Shorts-Zara Sale
Bag-Zara Sale


  1. so cute:)

  2. super cool
    I love your sense of style, effortlessly cool!
    want to follow each other?


  3. At least it was on sale, so that kind of counts as saving up. For the price you paid and if you brought more than one thing the total amount probably equates to the price of one piece of clothing anyway. So it's like buy one get 3 free! That's how I always justify it...


    1. Haha, I love your way of thinking!! That is literally how I justify it. Hollie xox

  4. following you bcak :)

    kisses from

  5. Nice look :D


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