Monday, 20 January 2014

How playful is the playsuit?

How playful are playsuits, overalls or jumpsuits? Whatever you call them, they all have one thing in common, they are one of the most impractical fashion items EVERRRR! Oh, how boring of me to point this out, but they are! It is essentially a piece of clothing adapted for adults from children's wear and I bet most parents would probably agree they are even a pain in the arse for kids! Why the recent onslaught on a piece of clothing that is essentially a onesie? Probably because, in a moment of weakness in the sales I bought another pair. No, I am obviously not content with struggling with just one pair, so I decided to buy a pair of green leather ones as well. Now I don't regret this buy, not for a minute, and what is good for Alexa Chung or Lendra Medine (man repeller) is certainly good for me. But I always seem to forget while in the changing rooms, posing in the mirror or while happily handing over my card at the till just how time consuming this item actually is. Okay, you may be confused at this point, your probably thinking 'its a pair of overalls, what is her problem, like a dress they are easy to style, you can layer it with other items, pop a simple t-shirt or jumper underneath and your good to go'. But thats where you would be wrong and where I seem to go wrong. There is a hell of a lot of maintenance that goes in to this item of clothing. I shall begin (cough). Number one; the strap length issue... Too tight/short and you can suddenly hit a higher note and have a lovely camel toe (sorry) to complement your new singing prowess, if however, the straps are too loose/long you look like you have 3 breasts, sort of like the lady out of Total recall (the 1990's version). Then there is the whole toilet situation as you have to practically get undressed to go. I often find myself pre-empting when I possibly might need to urinate, call me a loser, but really, you cant do the last minute dash, its a full on bondage experience getting in and out, I am talking 10mins at least! Maybe playsuits, overalls, jumpsuits whatever you call them are the real reason for female water infections... Nice thought I know, but the amount of times I have crossed my legs a little tighter when wearing a playsuit to avoid the toilet undressing saga, well lets just say, I have lost count. And if that last point wasn't enough to put you off entirely, I have one final point. There is the not so graceful rearranging of yourself every time you decide to sit down, the whole... pulling and tugging at every area, definitely not a good look. After all thats said and done I still love them. I just feel velcrow jumpsuits would probably go down a lot better. Im feeling a sort of, superman, rip them off in one go sort of thing. Maybe, after reading this back, I am simply lazy.
Whats your opinion on playsuits/overalls/jumpsuits?
Hollie x
Cable Knit Jumper- TK Maxx
Leather playsuit- Topshop
Boots- Topshop



  1. You look really cute keep in touch.

  2. I have been wanting a jumpsuit for a very long time and just haven't found the right one yet!! You look so cute!

  3. Your shoes remind me of the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane! <3
    Love it!

    Jamie Kate
    Sweater Weather Giveaway! All Around Chekwa x

  4. You really can't go wrong with leather! This is such a cool outfit!

  5. I love how you put the outfit together! x


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