Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Chop and Crop

The chop and crop... My title sounds more like a back of the paper ad for circumcision. Let me ensure any male readers now sitting crossed legged or females readers heading for the nearest Esc button that I am not, talking about circumcision. I am talking about my apparent new love of all things shorter... well, hair and jumpers at least. That's right, I decided to 'chop' 4 inches off my hair. Although I love my new hair cut if I had the balls I would have maybe gone an inch shorter (baby steps guys). I don't know about you but when I get my hair cut I always seem to get a sudden feeling of panic like 'oh god what have I done' and I immediately look to the hairdressers floor and think  'will anybody be able tell if I glued my hair back on?'. And then, just as I am about to grab my lost lengths, in swoops the Saturday girl with a her sweeping brush, and after months/years of love maintenance its gone, 'puff', in the bin. I think she did me a favour really. I like my hairdresser, but I feel rolling around on the floor covered in your old hair would sort of put the brakes on me returning again. I suppose it didn't help that I had just taken outfit pictures on Friday morning, and so I had a constant reminder while I uploaded the pictures to my blog and wrote a post. I did contemplate dedicating Fridays post to my hair, but its always been dead 'ba dum tish'. I know, terrible joke... Sorry, I am mourning, humour helps me cope. I suppose when it comes to hair 'the grass is always greener' or shorter in this case. Contrary to my above babbling I am really happy with my hair, and for the crop part of my post, well, I bought this lovely cropped jumper in the sale from Zara. I have a bit of a thing for cropped at the moment. 
Now the brave part... what is your opinion of my hair?
Hollie x
Trench coat- Vintage 
Cropped Jumper- Zara
Skirt- H&M



  1. You look stunning in the outfit love the color top and the coat.

  2. Oh my god love your outfit :-)

  3. Dear Hollie, this outfit is again perfection! I´m so in love with your style - you have such a fantastic sense for fashion <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena



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