Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bloggers block

Bloggers block might not be a medical term, but it is definitely something I have been suffering with recently. I suppose its something every blogger must suffer with from time to time, especially when it feels like every other blogger on the internet has written their take on an idea a gazillion times. Maybe magazines have it right, only publishing something once a month, ok, they might have a couple of hundred pages to fill but who's counting? For me, it always seems to happen when I have a week off work. In my mind I start the week with great intentions that I will amass a large amount of blogging material from pictures and post ideas and come the end of the week I am left with nothing more than a completed Netflix box set and the onset of bloggers guilt. Im sure these terms will be on webMD as medical problems in the not to distant future. I suppose you could say I have solved my writers block today, by writing about it, and funnily enough, starting to write a readable post really is the hardest bit, well that, and having a bloody clue what to write about. When I first sat down to write this post I was going to comment on the 70's trend, but then the self doubt starts 'do you want to read the bazillionth post on this trend?' or do you? Because if you do, that solves next weeks post problem. Maybe its not being at work that does it. Although I love my job, blogging adds an element of escapism and takes me away from reality and back to my creative side. Not being at work means I no longer need to escape. Or maybe I need to stop procrastinating. I remember when my University dissertation was due and my student house had never been cleaner. So when I wasn't watching Netflix I was procrastinating in shops (the best type of procrastination in my opinion) and that's when I picked up this lovely skirt from Ark which reminds me a little of Missoni knitwear.
Am I the only one who suffers with bloggers block? Please tell me i'm not alone.
Hollie x

Skirt- Ark Clothing
T-shirt- Primark
Trainers- ACNE
Bag- Zara 


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