Monday, 1 June 2015

White Jeans ft Ark

I have recently come to the conclusion that I am an impractical dresser. I know people say you should wear what you want (I am also one of them) but despite my better judgement it has often meant me not taking a coat out in winter or wearing bare legs in pouring rain. I really do seem to have a nack for dressing in the wrong outfit, especially in practical situations. Take today for instance, my boyfriends mum is moving house and me being the lovely girlfriend I am, said I would help (major ass kissing going on), most would opt for something old and practical that it didn't matter if you ruined. I opted for my brand new white jeans from Ark. Now your probably thinking 'really, white jeans?' but here is my my thought process, 'why can't I dress up to help somebody move? And my white jeans are extremely comfortable so if I am moving boxes etc they would be best' (thats my version of practical sense kicking in). With that in mind I came to the conclusion my new Ark jeans would be perfect. Now with hindsight perhaps it was my subconscious giving me a hint because as soon as I arrived at the new home I was told I couldn't really lift boxes because I would get dirty. Although I always seem to be busy I am inherently lazy. I think the next part sums up my laziness. Instead of taking off my shoes to walk through the newly carpeted lounge, I decided to shuffle on my knees resulting in carpet burns which sort of serves me right. Yet again, only I would choose to do something like that when there is no material on my knees offering some sort of buffer for my skin. Again, my thought process ' its perfect if I shuffle on the ripped part of my jeans, they won't get ruined'. I suppose there is a couple of morals to this story. Firstly, if you ask me to help you move I will likely come dressed so impractical that I am more of a hinderance and secondly, even when my outfit choice isn't the most practical my mind manages to figure out some wonky logic which makes think 'it will be fine'.
Hollie x

T-shirt- Charity Shop
Jacket- Vintage 
Boots- Topshop

*White jeans from Ark clothing gifted item

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