Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Vintage Newish

When ever I buy something new or vintage I have to wear it that evening if I am going out, or the very next day. It's almost like in primary school when you have a friend coming for tea at your house and for that day they are your bestest friend in the whole wide world, well, until another friend comes for tea, or in my case, until I buy something new. As soon as I have something new its like someone switches a light bulb on in the styling part of my brain (yes, I have one located in my frontal lobe) and I just go outfit idea crazy which probably explains why the notes section takes up a large majority of my phone storage. Now ask me to do that with any old piece of clothing and I will come up with some ideas but after not so long I will hit a 'styling block' (the clothes equivalent of writing block) and be at a stump and basically be bored/frustrated. I think I mainly like new clothes because its easy. I don't have to think to hard about what I am going to wear. In a morning if I know what I am going to wear then I can be ready in 30 mins, if I don't know then don't bank on me being on time to meet you or being in a good mood. To say I love clothes, dressing myself can be a stressful experience. Dressing others for example when I am styling editorials is something I enjoy, but then again, I do have a little while to prep for those. Maybe thats were I am going wrong when I dress myself, its all about prep time. Todays outfit is a result of a vintage shopping trip on Saturday. Its all newish (well new to me).
Hollie x

T-shirt- Vintage
Suede skirt- Vintage 
Boots- Topshop



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