Monday, 21 November 2016

How to style a winter outfit using colour pt.1

News flash, ze winter is here! Okay, so I know I am stating the obvious but I do love winter, the layering, the cosy knits, the second pair of tights made entirely of my leg hair... Just me then? Okay Holly, back on topic! Despite my love for the season, every year I find myself falling into a style rut and that usually means a grey and black colour palette. This is fine but sometimes when the day is grey you need a little bit of colour to pick you up. So in this two part post I'm going to show you guys two examples of simple yet stylish outfits. One using colour and one taking you back to basics. So make sure you check out my Thursday post for part 2. That's right, I've gone all Downton Abbey on you guys but don't worry there won't be any cliff hangers. Okay so lets get started:

Sort of an obvious point especially since that's sort of what my post is about. But adding colour to your outfit doesn't mean you have to go straight for highlighter yellow. Think of your classic colours for example; red, burgundy even navy if your after a more subtle colour. Thinking of combining colours? Then again, start with a classic palette take my outfit for example red, white and blue. Classic and a very patriotic. Not intentional, but two birds one stone. 

I will go into this more in part 2 of this post (make sure you check it out on Thursday... Shameless plug), but with regards to this look if your outfit base i.e trousers, jeans, jumper or T-Shirt has a lot of colour then keep the coat and bag simple. 

Okay so if you are colour phobe don't disregard pattern. Monochrome may not technically be a colour but it is a way of adding interest to your winter outfits.  

Enjoyed this post? Make sure you come back and check in on Thursday. A little inpatient? Check out my 4 simple knitwear trends to try this season here 
Hollie x

Leather Jacket: Allsaints
Jumper: H&M
Pants: Topshop
Sneakers: Acne 
Bag: Topshop


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