Monday, 12 November 2012

November Sun

Sometimes dressing up in the winter can seem like such a waste, especially if your throwing a big coat on over the top of your carefully constructed outfit. For me, the easiest way around this is layering... This is exactly what I did today, combing a vintage electric blue shirt with an earth coloured thick knit wool jumper. I was attracted to this jumper mainly due to its simple Zip detail on the back. I may try to wear the jumper the opposite way around to show the detail off more providing it doesn't look like I have escaped from a mental asylum. If I don't post for a while you will know I have been carted off to a padded cell!! Recently I find myself drawn to shirts with collars when layering, as it adds another dimension to your outfit and a slight hint of detail. Although, it does mean having to iron your shirt, or... if your as lazy as me you will just Iron the collar as no one will see the shirt (time management guys). I didn't mean it to be, but this full outfit is pretty much an advertisement for Topshop.
Enjoy the pics
Holly x


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