Sunday, 4 November 2012

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty pleasure... no I haven't been reading Fifty shades again. I have been shopping in the brand new, and biggest, European Topshop outside of London. By now you should know were I'm going with this! The new Topshop was originally opened by Pixie Geldof playing a 'dj set' (quotation marks needed as pressing play on a CD does not count!) on the Thursday. However, myself and my mum decided to wake up early and have a proper look around on the Saturday instead. The layout in the new Leeds Topshop is deceiving (in a good way). At one point I thought they were creating some sort of mirror illusion because it seemed to go on and on, but after further investigation and much to my surprise I discovered it actually went, on and on. As well as a new dedicated make up section and extensive stock (updated daily), they have a personal shopping service, which is fine but its not for me. I always feel a bit funny about someone telling me what to wear, my style is a strong part of my identity as with most people. I'm also really suspicious that they don't care what looks good on you, but instead they are just given a certain product and told to sell, sell, sell, blah, blah, blah! So my final purchases consisted of two pairs of shoes and a pinafore dress, I probably should add now that I only went to look and the result of these purchases has left a guilt feeling in my belly. Hopefully, this wont last to long as it is pay day soon!! 'Hmm I wonder what can I buy next (looks intensely into the distance/Topshop website)?'. I have also included the pictures of what I wore to go shopping in.
Enjoy the pics
Holly x
Star dress: Topshop
Star Jumper: Primark 
Jacket; Paul's Boutique 

Pictures Courtesy of All products pictured are from Topshop. 
(As these images are not my own I have no rights to them, if the owner would like them removing please contact me and I would gladly do so). 

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  1. Love the dress!!
    Best, Zia


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