Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Great British Seaside

The Great British seaside may not be as glamorous as the south of France or have the heat of Capri, but god I love the place! I think this is mainly due to happy memories as a child. The whole place intoxicates my senses with nostalgia. From the smell of the sea and fish & chips to the sound of the seagulls preying on unsuspecting victims from above, and of course, not forgetting the bright twinkling lights from the rows of amusements. It truly is the simplest of things in life that make you happy. Although, unfortunately, a large majority of seafronts are run down, they are also a testament to Victorian architecture, which means some of the buildings are truly beautiful to look at. I bet you can guess were I spent this weekend... the seaside. 
I love the seaside, especially in the winter, sat on a bench with your fish and chips in a tray (I'm such a cheap date), watching the world go by. When I get old, I will move to the seaside and have a little dog and probably a really bad 2p gambling addiction (some people will understand this, and you will have probably been to the GB seaside). Although I loved being near my beloved Great British seaside this weekend, I did encounter one problem; what to pack!! I hate planning what I want to wear in advance and I hate even more, having to travel light! I am afraid to admit it, and if my friends read this I will probably be subject to more then a few remarks, but yes my mum still packs for me :s!! I pick the clothes of course, she just reins me in and suggests that maybe I don't take 12 pairs of shoes for 1 day. I have an example of why I still need my mum to pack; while holidaying in Italy last year I took 20 pairs of shoes for a week, and I only wore about 5 pairs. There's having options and then there's being silly (have I justified my mum still packing for me yet?). Well, back on topic, my mother was also away this weekend so I had to fend for myself and even though we set of an hour and a half late I did it (I really am pathetic)!! I think the main thing I learnt from this weekend is; plan outfits in advance, especially if your as indecisive as me when it comes to clothes, and make sure you chose a weekend your mum (/ assistant) isn't away. Although, come to think of it, if after reading the above confession, I totally understand if you don't take my extremely poor travelling advice. Here's what I decided to wear and few pics of the my lovely Great British seaside.
Holly x

My 2p addiction begins 


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