Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Print was definitely needed today to pick me up from a mid-week slump and I find the easiest way to do this, especially when I have to get ready quick, is sticking to one block piece of pattern. Also, when I am that busy in the morning that I forget to turn my straighteners off (it happened on Monday), a hat is definitely a must, and probably more for the fire safety in my case! Although I enjoy wearing hats, in general I think Fedora's are up there (don't ask where there is, but its good, almost on par with love, but we all know that the word love is a very over used in blogging so I'm going to use there and now I have started rambling... 1,2,3... and I am back in the post)!  I feel Fedora's add a certain amount of sophistication to an outfit, this is probably due to the structure, beanies just feel casual, because, well, they're slouchy and lack structure. Dress any outfit with a beanie and it feels causal, you can put all the net you want at the front and pretend its a fascinator, but its still essentially a beanie! The hat I am wearing today is from Ark and, like I have mentioned in a previous post here its a real bargain and you will probably be seeing it a lot more, especially as we get closer to summer.
Also, I apologize for the cropped pictures. My mum took them for me and it would appear she is a cliche parent and is unable to use a camera. Honestly in some of the pictures I am not sure if she was trying to drop hints that she was bored or that I don't photograph well, as they were mainly of the wall behind me and when I say mainly, you can literally only see my elbow... I always knew it was my best feature.
Hollie x

Boots- Topshop
Fedora- Ark



  1. Lovely outfit! The pattern of the dress is gorgeous!
    Cat xx

    Je Suis Cat

  2. this is such a lovely dress! and it goes so well with your hat!
    (p.s. my mum's the same with a camera...)

    1. Thanks charlotte. I'am glad its not only my mum. Hollie x

  3. I believe the animal print won't die. I love this print!
    With love, Marta from

    1. Thank you for the comment Marta, I totally agree with you. Hollie x


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