Monday, 31 March 2014

Fashion Rich

While looking through the Vogue website yesterday (okay, more specifically while I was being nosey at who has been at what party, and more importantly, what they were wearing) I came across a quote from Jasper Conran that really struck a cord with me "I don't think good taste and nice things should only be in the realm of the rich". Firstly I thought, 'Well done JC' and then I began to ponder why Vogue, a magazine long known for its association with the rich and all things luxurious, would show a comment that is basically a 'two's up to them'. Perhaps they are trying to seem more obtainable, because, lets face it, although they may advertise predominantly expensive brands, anyone can buy the magazine. Or maybe this is the English Vogues way of being slightly controversial? American vogue has Kimye and Miley on their cover and the English, well... We have a comment (how very proper of us). However, the sceptic in me wonders if its just a canny sales tactic in a bid not to alienate people? What I found even more amusing is the thought that anyone would think that the amount of money you have determines your taste level. Luxury however, is maybe something preserved for the 'realms of the rich'. My point: I struggle to see how a luxury item can ever be obtainable to the masses and still be deemed as a luxury. Jasper's statement itself uses the word 'nice' and not 'luxury' surely this cements the point that not everyone can afford luxury but everyone can afford 'nice' (even typing the word is bland). I mean, the whole point of a luxury item is that its a non necessity, a one off, sort of a waste of money (in some peoples opinion). I then began to wonder if the price of the item deems it a luxury? For example; if a bag is £4000, and to the majority of people way out of budget, myself included, does that make us want it more (Yeap, I am going all Derren Brown mind tricks on you now)? The best way I can describe it is 'what you cannot have, you want even more'. A bit like Eve and the Apple, however the apple in the is case is a Givenchy Antigona bag and to be honest this gurl would have took a bite of that apple (yes, I just spelt girl with a U)! So, what if the same item is then priced lower, would that mean it becomes a rotten apple, or does it mean it becomes less of a status symbol and simply 'nice'? Owning an expensive luxury item can often come with the assumption that someone is wealthy, and this, in our society is often deemed desirable.

Perhaps JC was referring to nice things in terms of quality goods. After all, don't you get what you pay for? The more money you pay, the better quality item you get and with the few designer items I have I would definitely say thats the case. However, I also have high-street items that are just as good quality. Perhaps the thought that the more you spend the better item you get needs to be dispelled. Jasper Conran is in fact a designer that does sell high quality designer items in high-street stores at a reasonable price. I suppose you could argue both for, and against the comment. But with luxury brands having bigger marketing budgets and being able to present the item in a luxury setting, will there ever not be a 'realm for the fashion rich' we all strive for?  What do you think?   
Hollie x

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