Thursday, 3 April 2014



Being a fashion/personal style blogger, it is easy to think that you can not be pictured in the same outfit or even the same item twice. This of course is stupid, and unsustainable, apart from the money, think of the space. My poor boyfriend already has to keep all of his clothes in the spare room as I have taken all the room in the wardrobes (yes, plural). Its for a greater good, he understands... I think. However, until I started my blog this was a thought I was often guilty of, and the main reason for this... Facebook. Yes, I was one of those people who hated to be pictured in the same outfit twice and rather sadly, I would delete old pictures if I was pictured wearing the item again (how fun my life must have been). Strangely however, when I deleted my personal Facebook and started my blog showing my personal style, I began to realize how silly I was. Not only was I wasting money, but I was effectively collecting a vast amount of clothes that I loved, but felt I couldn't wear again. Is there a point to this ramble? Yes, last week I posted a blog of myself wearing a gingham shirt here and here I am wearing it again. Today in fact, my whole outfit is made up of pieces I have worn in previous posts, 'dun dun dunnnn' if only my 2009 self could see me now!
Hollie x 
P.s Sorry about the pictures. The wind was crazy, so it was hard to get one with out it looking like I was eating my hair. 

Shirt- Charity Shop
Skirt-  Charity Shop
Leather Jacket- Topshop
Heels- Primark



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    1. Thanks Avy. They were such a bargain as well. Hollie x

  2. I'm really liking your blog posts, so I nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    The post is here here now it's your turn
    :) x

  3. you're so right...after all the whole point of a fashion blogger is being someone people can relate to in terms of every day fashion (and on a budget) rather than someone who goes out and spends ridiculous amounts of money on clothes every week. I absolutely love your outfit! that skirt is so nice!

    1. Thanks Charlotte, it was such a bargain from a charity shop! I 100% agree with you, style should be achievable, no matter the budget. Hollie x


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