Saturday, 24 May 2014

Saturday Outfit Inspo

Deciding what to wear for a Saturday night out can sometimes be a nightmare for me and I have wasted many an hour trying to decide what to wear. So, to save you guys some time I thought that every Saturday I would now share an evening outfit idea with you. Obviously, the outfit is not only limited to being worn on a Saturday, there is no disclaimer attached. This week I thought I would start by showing you that sometimes just by simply adding heels and the correct accessories to an outfit you can take it through to the evening. I recently posted this look here and styled it slightly differently above. Tip: I added a point of interest to this outfit through a statement necklace. In terms of a bag I would definitely style it with a clutch. If, like me however, you get bored of carrying it or trying to dance (cough, do the robot) with it in your hand, buy one with a detachable strap... Dancing queen problem solved. Oh, and I am not a diva. I would not wear sunglasses on a night out. I took these pictures during the day and the sun was causing me to have major squint eye!!
Enjoy your evening and I hope this post gives you guys some inspiration. 
Hollie x

Skirt- H&M
Shirt- Next (Menswear)
Shoes- Zara
Necklace- Gift 



  1. Love your outfit combinations! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award - I've created a post about it for more information -->

  2. Great use of menswear, you've managed to give it shape! Looks great x


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