Thursday, 22 May 2014

Whats Yours is Mine


My boyfriends wardrobe, or should I say draws, as there isn't enough room in our closets (yes plural), for his stuff. Okay, so let me start again, my boyfriends drawers (so many puns so little time, I really walked into that one) are the perfect place for me to find an instant refresher to my wardrobe. Much to the BF's distain as I always manage to spill something stain inducing down the front. Oh well, whats mine is mine and whats his is mine and all that. What he doesn't know is it's tactical, the more of his clothes he throws away the more space I can create in his draws for me to fill (yep, pun heaven again). This shirt was a perfect cover up from the lovely sunshine we have been experiencing in England. I know I am hardly passing on any trade secrets here, but mens shirts really do fit the best and give a perfect laid back feel. I definitely needed this cover up yesterday, I really burnt my arms at the weekend, I did put sun screen on (honest), but I think my pale skin needs literally factor 100. I don't know why I thought I would tan, I literally burn under a bright lamp, let alone the sun. What do you think about wearing menswear? 
Hollie x

Leather Skirt - H&M
Sandals- Barratts
Shirt-Next Menswear

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  1. Love this! Have just ordered a pinstripe shirt...yay and thank you so much for the vote :)


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