Thursday, 12 June 2014

French Fries


I think this is the closest to the blogger 'Normcore' addiction I will get. The only trouble with this trend and probably the main reason it is hanging around so long is it is soooo damn comfy and practical. Today, literally, felt like I was walking around in PJ's and I bloody loved it! Unfortunately, there is one trend that seems to go hand in hand with this and that is...Birkenstocks/sliders. I say unfortunately because, I hate them with a passion. Okay, hate might be a little strong, disdain is probably more fitting. Personally, I don't think I have ever seen a pair and thought 'umm veruca (eww) preventing shoes would look great with this dress'. I must say however, I don't like the shoes on me, the main reason for this? I have toes as long as french fries. Having said all this I have seen a few bloggers in them and thought 'hhmmm maybe', but then I remember what my feet look like and decide against visually harming the poor people of Leeds. I know they are no different to wearing sandals or open toe heels (I hate that expression), but I feel like when they are worn with the baggy trousers, now largely associated with the 'normcore' trend, it literally goes from trousers to toes with only the slightest hint of a shoe and I just can not handle that much toe on display! I know feet are often a part of the body many people don't like, but the Birkenstock/Slider trend is a bare foot too far for me and my french fry toes. Anyway, the world would be very boring if everyone liked the same thing. What do you think of Birkenstocks? Are they your style staple? Or is it more of a comfort level being incorporated into fashion that attracts you?
Hollie x
Jumper- Urban Outfitters
Trousers- Primark
Trainers- Converse 
Sunglasses- Prada


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