Monday, 16 June 2014

I Love You Linda


On my Saturday post I mentioned that I was heading to a friends BBQ and that I would share some pics of the outfit I wore with you today. Luckily, the weather in Manchester stayed dry, not sunny, but beggars can't be choosers. A lot of my friends from uni live in Manchester and we often joke that once you get anywhere near Saddleworth Moor a big grey cloud appears and thats how we know we are near Manchester, well, that and the big signs on the motorway. You might also notice my skin is looking a little less translucent than usual and that's because I decided to have a spray tan. My mum is a beauty therapist and owns her own salon so you would think I would look less like casper the ghost all the time, but sometimes I get paranoid that I am going to end up looking like one of the TOWIE lot! Sorry if your not from England and don't understand some of my references, but if your in doubt GOOGLE IT! This week is going to be lonnnggg I can tell already I move apartments on Saturday (excited) and I haven't even thought about packing... Spending hours on Zara's new lookbook is more important right? Okay, I think I really need to go and start packing, but I know what is going to happen I seem to be the queen of procrastinating! I am going to end up finding stuff I forgot I had and messing around for hours. 
Hope you had a lovely weekend. How is your week panning out so far?
Hollie x
Short- Vintage Levis 501
Top- TK Maxx
Boots- Matalan
Bag- Topshop



  1. Love those shorts, can't go wrong with Levi's x

    1. Thanks Shannon, I agree you cannot beat a good pair of Levis! Hollie x

  2. Love this outfit! The top is amazing and looks so good with those boots :)
    I have a similar pair and I literally wear them every day, so comfy!

    1. Thanks Sophie. Yeah these boots are really comfortable... I should probs take them off for bed though, right? Hollie x

  3. great style! love this outfit:)
    please visit me in free time

    1. Thanks Kate! I will definitely visit your blog. Hollie x


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