Saturday, 7 June 2014

Saturday Outfit Inspo


I love this daisy sheer shirt from Ark, but I am not brave enough to do a Rihanna at the CFDA's and go topless underneath, time and place and all that. Today's inspiration is slightly more girly than last weeks. This week I started with the skirt and built my outfit around that. I wanted a simpler, sleeker outfit and so I decided black was a good colour to pair with the skirt, both with my heels and tee. I really like the length of the tee I am wearing, it makes the outfit feel slightly mod/60's without being to fancy dress. For a slight cover up and to inject some pattern I decided to add the Daisy shirt from Ark. This is a great idea if you are conscious of your upper arms as it conceals them and because the material is sheer it doesn't feel as stiff as it might if you had just styled it with a cotton shirt. 
Sorry about the quality on the pictures it has not stopped raining all day so I had to take them inside. This is also another reason I added the shirt, although thinking about it, its hardy waterproof. Oh well, it adds something to the outfit, I think. Enjoy your evening whatever you are up to!
Hollie x
Daisy Shirt- Ark
T-shirt- Primark
Skirt- H&M
Heels- Asos



  1. Can't stop staring at those stunning heels!

    1. Thanks Sophie. I got them when I did a photo shoot with ASOS. They were a freebie!! Hollie x


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