Monday, 30 March 2015

Cardigan ft

I know your probably waiting for the Fifty Shades of Grey pun, but I won't. A) Because I cannot think of anything clever enough and B) because you have probably already read one too many blog posts were the person has worn more than one item of grey! We have become so predictable these days. So, instead of pondering a pun (or a rhyme) I thought I would instead draw your attention to the humble cardigan, often an item I scroll past when internet shopping and skim by when 4D shopping, aka actual shopping. I don't know why I  often over look the jumpers looser cousin. Perhaps it's my own fault. Often when I'm at home and I get a bit of a chill (old age creeping up on me) I will 'throw on' a cardigan. As a result I think I now see cardigans as lounge wear. I have at least one cardigan that I bought with the good intention to wear outside, but alas the poor cosy creature has never made it out of the door. I think this has, until recently, effected my buying habits with cardigans i.e can I wear this on a Netflix marathon? (Yeap I am still watching The Good Wife). I say recently, as when I finally peeled myself away from Netflix and 'the Florricks' (aka Goodwife characters) I ventured to Ark and was drawn to a grey cardigan and not just because It would be perfect to slouch around the house in, but because I liked the idea of the causal simplistic finish it can give to any outfit. Take today for example, wearing just a T-shirt with this outfit would have been bloody freezing, but most of all with the boots it might have felt very evening orientated. Simply adding the cardigan it feels more relaxed and a hell of a lot warmer! They have the cardigan in ox blood colour as well and for £23 I think its a bit of a bargain and a possible future purchase... I will add it to my list.  
Hollie x

T-shirt - The Boyfriends
Skirt- Topshop
Boots- Matalan
Bag- Topshop

P.s The 852 London Giveaway is now closed. Unfortunately I didn't win so I don't get to give one of you lovely lot the £500 giveaway, but thank you if liked my pic. Hopefully I will have some more giveaways coming up soon.



  1. I love being cosy at home, where no one can see me. You look pretty.


    1. You cannot beat it! Thank you for your kind comment Avy xx

  2. I love this outfit so much! especially your skirt and boots!

  3. I love the cardigan on you - it's a perfect fit! I know what you mean about the loungewear issue. I'm the same with work clothes. I wear clothes to work I probably shouldn't because now when I look at them I think I can't possibly wear this anywhere other than work surely?!?
    Victoria xx

    1. I couldn't agree more with you! Even though I don't wear a uniform to work the clothes I wear sort of feel like that after I have worn them to work. Hollie x


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