Monday, 14 July 2014

If you go down to the woods today....



If you go down to the woods today you will see... Me, taking outfit pictures. Living near woods, and in fact wildlife, has become a bit of a novelty for me lately, to the extent I think I am David Attenborough sat on my sofa watching a spot of nature, yep, I really should get some mates! But who can blame me when I have lived in the city centre for 3 years!? I have gone from the 'soothing' sounds of ambulances, buses and pissed people sending me to sleep (especially at the weekend), to birds tweeting and the rustling wind through the tree's. In fact, in the first week of living in my new apartment it was that quiet I thought I had gone deaf. So, instead of sitting staring at the woods I thought I would head out and explore. It was actually a great location, sometimes shooting on the streets in the city centre I would get a bit self conscious and very aware that I probably look a 'ickle bit' vain! The only downside to shooting in the woods... fucking midges! The dress I am wearing is a sale purchase, and in fact, so were the Chelsea boots. At £5 I could not pass them up. 
Hollie x
Backpack- Primark
Chelsea Boots- Topshop
Sunglasses- Vintage


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