Monday, 28 July 2014

Simple Summer Layers

On summer days like these I need simplicity, and nothing is more simple than a slip dress. Having said that, I still feel I am cheating if I just wear a dress, I almost feel like I haven't really made an effort or tested myself. I know its silly really, but I just cannot help feeling like I need to add more to complete a look. Its the same when it comes to dressing for a night out, it really isn't often that I will just wear a dress unless its for a special occasion. Personally, I think its my inner tomboy coming out, a sort of a rebellion to all those years my mum made me wear a dress. Today I needed simplicity but I just couldn't do it... So on went the slouchy vest I found in a charity top. 

The Details: To add some layers to my dress I added a simple blue top I got from a charity shop a while ago. Loose enough for the summer weather and still giving my outfit a laid back feel. 
Hollie x

Dress- Topshop
Top- Charity Shop
Bag- Topshop
Sandals- Barratts. 
Tan- A bottle. 



  1. you look amazing! love the prints of the accessories and dress. i've found myself wearing tops over dresses lately as well! it just kind of adds an extra element and is casually cool.. haha xo

  2. you look great! I like that it is very simple!


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