Saturday, 26 July 2014

Saturday Outfit Inspo

That's right, this weekend I am attending P-diddy's white party... I am joking. This is a simple white outfit I wore to a friends house warming, hence the bottle of pink bowed Prosecco. At the party you would have thought I was Gwyneth Paltrow or something, I was on a strictly 'white food and clear drinks only' due to the colour choice. Two massive factors that were perhaps less Gwyneth was the white foods and drinks I was having... Monster Munch and Vodka Jellies. There was other stuff its just I am a sucker for crisps and jelly. Yep, it would appear I have a child's taste in food, well minus the Vodka... Obvs. 
Enjoy your weekend 
Hollie x

T-shirt- Primark
Shorts- H&M
Heels- Zara


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