Thursday, 17 July 2014

Monochrome Summer


Simplicity and a lack of fuss are the two words I would use to describe today's outfit... Oh, and I would probably throw in the word  monochrome for good measure. To add a slight twist to today's outfit I did a spot of print clashing with the use of my leopard print sandals. I say 'spot' because its almost like the 'where's wally' of print clashing... If you look very close you will see it. On the plus side however, perhaps if your not quite comfortable with a full on print clash but want to give it a go the 'where's wally' or 'where's clashy' (doesn't have the same ring to it) technique might be the simplest way to start off. 

The details: I really like the scalloped edge detail of these shorts. Slight details like this often add an extra element to your outfit and I think, in this case, it makes it feel slightly more relaxed than perhaps boxy city shorts might have. Massive bonus with these shorts... Uber comfy!

'Woohoo' thank good tomorrow is Friday. Don't forget to check out my blog every Saturday to catch my weekly addition of evening outfit inspiration. 

Hollie x

P.S It would appear my silly chicken legs have a mind of their own in some these pictures. Honestly, sometimes I look back and wonder how they even managed to bend that way.  

Top- Zara
Shorts- H&M
Sandals- Barratts 
Sunglasses- Prada



  1. I always thought black and white were the only colors we really need.

    / Avy

    1. As hard as I try they will always have my heart. Hollie x


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